September 28, 2013

DIY/ Jil Sander Lunch Bag

Just a preview! I'll take some prettier photos l8r! Sorry Jil, I know you probably died and rolled over in your grave twice. It was a good idea, ill give it to ya, but not for anything over $300. srrygrl. 

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September 24, 2013


Had an amazing time shooting Jeff on Saturday afternoon! Saul and I styled together this time and we ended up very happy with the final result so expect to see his name in the credits more often :) Also, a shout out to Four Horsemen and 8th + Main for a lot of the wonderful clothing! If you're in Vancouver make sure to check out Four Horsemen's clothing at The Corner Store and 8th + Main... at 8th and Main Street ;)

These are just some preview photos of the editorial, way more to come in the October Issue of One1One Magazine

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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September 23, 2013

OUTFIT/ Autumn Leaves

I originally pulled this hat for a shoot and was planning on returning it but after trying it on in 4 different mirrors around the house I decided to keep it. I've been looking for a wide brim fedora for AGES but all of the ones I tried on until now were way too tall. In one week I managed to find two I liked, one from the Bay which has a smaller brim and looks more "menswear-y" and then there was this one with the wider brim to give off an Azealia/Cowboy vibe. When you're wearing it and looking at it in a mirror up close it feels ridiculous but after deciding to suck it up and reviewing the photos, I realized it actually looked okay. Yay!

It was a bit windy for a wide-brim hat but I decided to go with it for dramatic effect, actually being able to hold my hat in the wind... I thought it was picturesque ahaha.

Hat and Pants - H&M | Circle Scarf - Rag & Bone | Polo and Bracelet - Topman 
Blazer - Village des Valeurs | Boots - Dr. Martens

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September 17, 2013

OUTFIT/ Up To My Neck

I've been in LOVE with the roll-neck long sleeved jersey tops that Topman pumped out this season! They come in black, grey, navy, and maroon. Naturally I gravitated to the black, and then couldn't help but get the grey as well. For $28 a piece, it's a steal! Not only does the neck roll open enough to cover my nose, but it can be folded into a high smooth-necked collar, and pushed down into a scrunch-necked collar—Amazing!

Also, a moment to applaud Topman on their cuffed skinny chinos. They're great. I want the cream pair too.

# That moment when you realize you're pretty much wearing head to toe Topman.

Last but not least, a BIG BIG BIG thank you to Solestruck for the free 9016-15-3 Mens after winning the mens fall-moodboard contest! The shoes are super comfy to walk in due to the extra "Dr. Martens" sole underneath an already soft rubber platform. At the end of an 8 hour work day in a concrete-tile store, my knees and feet don't feel like breaking off! Definitely my new favourite work shoe, not to mention how well it goes with everything I own right now.

 Leather Hat - American Apparel | Bag - Margiela for H&M | Shoes - Solestruck
Sweater, Turtleneck, Cuffed Chinos - Topman

September 15, 2013

BOREDOM/ XoXo Riccardo

fun things happen late at night but also good reads happen at night: Faceless Fashion on Dazed & Confused

September 14, 2013

OUTFIT/ Whatever, Pray for Paris

I try to stray away from labelled clothing because I don't personally enjoy being a walking advertisement unless it's ironic, like wearing my thrifted Adidas windbreaker, because of my inability to play sports. However I did end up making an exception for this Pray for Paris Tee because it matched my hair, I enjoy nature, and it's not obnoxious like a lot of other photo-printed garments out there. As well I figured the Pray for Paris logo from an aesthetic point of view is pleasing and the brand isn't too well known in Vancouver so I can just get away with it being a "generic" printed graphic tee.

Only problem is whenever I wear it the only thing people seem to ask me is, "What's happening in Paris?" to which I respond "Oh, nothing's happening, it's just a brand" and I have this feeling they think I'm being pretentious WHICH IS NOT THE CASE. I JUST LIKE THE FOREST OKAY? The dilemma with shirts and text is that everyone wants to read it—if they don't get it, they ask (sometimes very stupid) questions which may very possibly lead to possibly thinking the wearer is pretentious, and if they do get it, it's probably something stupid like "MOST SWAG" and they're possibly (or not) judging you for it, which is just annoying. Brand labelled clothing stresses me out and makes me angsty! Obviously some are nice and fun, while others, not so much. It's a lot to think about when making a purchase!

Regardless this t-shirt experience has pushed me further to understand 2 things:

1) Being a walking advertisement sucks sometimes, it attracts stupid attention.
2) I'm never buying a t-shit with text on it again ***

Will I still wear it out? Probably.

Pray for Paris: 1
Marchel: 0


Toque - Local Heroes | Sunglasses - USED Vintage | T-Shirt - Pray for Paris
Pants - Fabrixquare | Boots - Dr. Martens

***ONE exception to what I said earlier being the "Celine - Dion" sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters.)
(If you don't think this is hilarious on some level, maybe it's a Canadian thing, sorry.)

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September 09, 2013



Model- Adam Chotemyenski of Luxe Models
Styling- Carlo Reyes
Photography & Editing- Marchel Eang

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September 07, 2013

PREVIEW/ Outcast ft. Adam

When I shot Patrick in Degenerate a while back, I ended up shooting him in a kind of "pre-magazine" shoot and then I shot him again for One1One Magazine's September Issue.

This time I had the pleasure of shooting Adam Chotemyenski of Luxe Models and the same thing ended up happening but under different circumstances. Originally this shoot was supposed to be for One1One's October Issue, but by forgetting to show everyone the inspiration board, to not planning the area in advance, or not even mentioning what the shoot concept was to Carlo (who was styling) until the day of the shoot, the final product was great, but unfortunately not what I had in mind for the issue.

Regardless it was a good time and we got some great photos out of it :D


As I said before, more to come, THESE ARE JUST PREVIEWS! </endboldcapslockspam>

But until next time,

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September 05, 2013

LIFE/PHOTOS/ Sleepover

Sometimes we have sleepover wine-parties and sometimes I bring my camera. Occasionally I'll be sober enough to get some good photos of friends. Luckily this was one of those nights. I hope you enjoy. This is Carlo, Saul, Paris, and myself (shot by Saul).


September 03, 2013

ONE1ONE/ September Issue!

The September Issue of One1One Magazine is here!

Check it out below!

I was responsible for the layout, photography for the KILLJOY Mens editorial, and photography and creative direction for the NEW FORMS editorial. Hope you enjoy!

To everyone who listened to me rant and dealt with me stressing out, continuous thanks and love. I wouldn't have made it without your support <3

Until next time,

OUTFIT/ Black Strap


I was supposed to post a look last week, but with the finalizing of the One1One Magazine September Issue I just became overwhelmed and wasn't able to... Speaking of which, our September Issue is going to launch today at Midnight so you really should check it out ;)

I was originally introduced to the idea of the black-jersey-maxi by Kevin and then by Carlo and I finally had to get one... but seriously from H&M for $14 how could you not? The other option is Topshop and their jersey is much softer and better quality but I wasn't in a position to be purchasing $30 jersey pieces (hahaha...) And they also didn't have the style I wanted in black. The great thing about though is you can wear it so many different ways: like a long dress, layered over a collared top, or tied with a shoe string which is what I did here (thanks Carlo for the idea)

Also, socks and sandals. #sorrynotsorry.

Leather hat - American Apparel | Jersey Dress - H&M | Vest - Forever XXI 
Pants - Topshop | Sandals - Dr. Martens | Ring - Oak + Fort

More out take photos after the jump!

September 02, 2013

SOLESTRUCK/ Mens Fall Moodboard Contest

Solestruck remains one of my favourite online shoe retailers simply for their leading edge selection in mens and womens footwear. NOT TO MENTION their ridiculously amazing customer service. Definitely check them out and definitely maybe buy shoes from them because they're the best. If not, at least take a second to appreciate how great their shoes are.

I'm SO. EXCITED. because I just won the Solestruck contest for one of their favourite AW13 menswear mood boards! HUURRAHHHH!!!!

This is what I originally wrote as my inspiration: 

Basically if I had to sum everything up in a fragmented sentence it would be: A grown-up surreal interpretation of elementary school art class.

For this moodboard I was exploring a more “arts and crafts” meets “laboratory experiments” idea with lots of bold paneled detailing, contrasted with different layers of textures materials and prints. To mix things up more I combined formal and casual to add an edge to the casual outfits and to make the formal ones more wearable (not to mention layering is generally just more practical in the fall)

However after stepping back and looking at it again I'd rephrase it to be: Witches having lunch in a futuristic laboratory. Yep that sounds good.


Until next time,