August 03, 2013

PHOTOSHOOT/ Degenerate

Photoshoot time! This time I was lucky to shoot the upcoming Patrick Sherwood whom I had the pleasure of meeting at Topshop! Any regular customers may recognize this handsome face from behind the cash-desks at Topshop.

I've still been really inspired by anything and everything monochromatic. I thought going into Autumn I'd love to dress more colourful like I usually do later in the year to counter everyone else wearing black but this year I think I've finally embraced it.

P.S. Thank you so much Patrick for being so cooperative and handling everything I put you through! I hope you had a great time and enjoy the photos! Can't wait to work with you again :D

Model: Patrick Sherwood
Photography, editing, styling, hair, and makeup: Marchel Eang


Until next time,