August 19, 2013


SO for those of you who haven't seen it yet I highly recommend you watch Gaga's new video Applause.'

Directed by the wonderful Inez and Vinoodh who have directed SO. MANY. THINGS. in fashion that I didn't even realize. I remember looking through fashion magazines in highschool and pouring over many of the ads in their portfolio. I couldn't be happier they're working with Gaga both because this is such a great move on for Gaga from her Mugler phase and general over-the-top-ness and the exposure to the masses for such visionaries like Inez and Vinoodh will be great for the couple. If you get lost in the video as I've heard some people have, take a quick pour over the preview for Gaga's article in V Magazine ANYWAYS, onto the look! I've been really wanting to dress down for fall, quality > quantity and all that jazz. Maybe I'm lazy, maybe I want to spend less, maybe it's just time to evolve... but definitely a bit of everything. Today was the day I started that transition. I pulled together this outfit before knowing the video launched this morning and when I got to work my coworkerbestie, Kevin, told me about the video and I instantly had pulled it up on my phone to watch it in the 5 minutes before we started at 7. WORTH THE DATA. Needless to say I made an outfit  connection with the video and BAM—did some pay-day shopping, got home and took some photos.

Hat - Local Heroes | Vest - Joe Fresh | Turtleneck - Topman | Chinos - H&M | Boots - Dr. Martens

OUTTAKES and extra Applause shots after the jump... you wanna see these.
This was the other option but before this and the first there was a lot of this...
and this...
and this...
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