August 21, 2013

OUTFIT/ What Happened

I was outside and asked a middle-aged lady for a lighter when all the sudden she goes, "I just have to ask, what happened to your pants?"

WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?! It's not like I'm wearing a pair of daisy dukes to which the answer would be:

(if you haven't watched Portlandia: Feminist Bookstore WATCH IT NOW!)

Here are the pants in question with the outfit:

Hat - Local Heroes | Sunnies - USED Vintage | Blazer - Hugo Boss | Shirt - H&M | Bag - Loft 82
Mesh-Kneed Jeans - Topshop Boutique | Bracelet - Aldo | Shoes - Dr. Martens

Anyways what would you have said back to her? I was so baffled someone would actually ask me that.  It's not like something "happened" to them, nothing looks haphazard or shottily home made or like a happy accident. All the seams are finished, the mesh is in perfect condition, I literally bought them the day before and wore them the morning after. Argh! What was even the point— Jeeze, some people. 

 AAANYWAYS, as always, more outtakes after the jump! :)

LOL. I don't know how this one happened.
 Until next time,