August 11, 2013

OUTFIT/ Garage Party

There's this house under construction and the garage doesn't have a door yet. Perfect opportunity for a photoshoot!

Story Time:
As I was taking photos this car pulls up with a family in it and the wife asks, "What are you doing here?" rather suspiciously (as if it's not obvious enough that I'm taking selfies in an open garage). I let her know I was a blogger taking photos of my outfit and I offered to leave if it was their house under construction. When I asked if it was their place the wife said, "Yes." and her husband in the drivers seat  chuckling said "No it's not, continue what you're doing." and they drove off.

Anyways, in LOVE with the Kesh x American Apparel collab. I want everything but for now I have the hat and Saul's mom bought him T-Shirt (YAY! I wish my mom bought me 'cool' things).

Hat - Kesh x American Apparel | Sunglasses - Zara | T-Shirt and Necklace - Topman 
Pants - H&M | Shoes - Y.R.U. (Solestruck)


Until next time,