August 21, 2013

LIFE/RANT/ TS/TM Model Store

It was model store today, meaning everyone will finally just chill out after three weeks of immense stress, mostly due to a week of overnights. I was personally stressed out for a lot of it because I was on the painting team with Kevin and $#@BZ and we had been painting for two and a half weeks straight. Walls, mannequin bases, tables, props, you name it, we painted EVERYTHING and we also did a lot of heavy lifting all while making no mess in the store or the windows. The whole time I just had wanted to style a grouping of mannequins or do anything "creative/display", but due to being a part-timer without any shifts before model store I wasn't given a section and was assigned the painting team.

At one point we were told to putty the holes in the store's window floors and then re-paint the floors white. I'm telling you now, trying to work in a store window on Granville Street at two in the morning with a shaky pane of glass between you and a LOT of drunk assholes is extremely uncomfortable.

On the bright side I was responsible for a couple fun things like this mural in the TS accessories change room:

And these red-light high-levels :)

If it hadn't been for those two projects I would have lost it. Absolutely lost it. On top of the work that had to be done, we had to know the "Must Have" statement-trend pieces and the "Perfect 21" basic-trend pieces by memory as well as the seasonal trends and a handful of other things. Kevin and I managed to memorize the items right before the walk-through started where they analyze each section and quiz the associate about the section their in. It can get very intimidating with all the managers in the store watching you waiting for your answer as well as the head operatives from Toronto and sometimes one or two from the UK.

Unfortunately Kevin and I weren't questioned at all although (thankfully) everyone seemed very pleased with the Blah Blah Blah wall :) 

Until next time,