July 19, 2013

OUTFIT/ White Sheets

Looking back at what I've posted I realized a pattern of full tonal head-to-toe outfits and it makes me quite happy. It stemmed from wanting to wear a really colourful outfit to work, which next day turned into wanting to wear all black, which turned into wanting to wear all white.

Speaking of white, I know the shorts are grey but it's surprisingly difficult to find a pair if JUST WHITE shorts that aren't denim or that awful "boho" summer see-thru cross-hatchy material. FINALLY though I found a pair at American Apparel which I'm going to be getting soon but for now the grey shorts will have to do.

For this shot I was really inspired by Margiela's boots and idea of deconstruction when I rediscovered the Margiela X H&M Bag in my Bag-bag. Would have loved to actually have a small one I could use practically but I only have the x-large one :(.

Winged Earpiece, High-Low Tank Top - Topshop | White Button-Up, Boots - H&M 
Mesh Shorts - Army & Navy | Bracelets - Aldo & Little Burgundy

I've had the H&M boots since grade 10. They were originally brown and I wore them so much I had to get the heel replaced. Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for the boots, I stopped wearing them around last May right after I got the heel replaced just because it was summer and too hot for boots. Right before boot weather happened up again I ended up meeting Saul. After he came over and saw them for the first time he basically told me if I had worn them on our first date he'd of never come over. Then he got me Docs <333. Finally after finding spare time and a lot of "just do it" I painted them white and ta-daaaaa!



Until next time,