July 11, 2013

OUTFIT/ Under Construction

As the weather gets hotter here the layers start to come off and I get frustrated because I don't know what to wear. Between the heat and being told that I had to paint a wall at work, I needed an outfit that looked decent for work but it I got paint on anything it wouldn't be the end of the world. Last time I painted I wore all black and ended up wearing a plastic bag the whole day. The cute-novelty of cutting a hole in the bottom of a giant plastic bag and wearing it all day to avoid paint on your clothes wears off as soon as you see the sweat condensation that forms within a half hour. I'm almost surprised I wasn't nominated as "fashion star" at work that day.

Joking ;)

Odd thing about these sweatpants, I bought them in October of 2012 from H&M and haven't worn them out since. Both Saul and I love them but we couldn't seem to make the right outfit with them. It always made outfits look like PJs or just overly sloppy. I was really excited to finally wear them out and not look like  just woke up and just happened to own cool sweatpants haha.

Hat - Used Vintage | Sunglasses, High-low tank-top - Topshop | Triangle Necklace - Forever XXI
Crystal Pendant - Little Burgundy | Sweatpants - H&M | Platforms - Vagabond (Solestruck)

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Until next time,