July 28, 2013

OUTFIT/ Cut Above The Rest

Sorry everyone! I was supposed to post these outfits last week but I ran out of time but better late than never in this case right?

Some of you may recognize these pants from a while ago. They're Cheap Monday's Flow Pant and I've been having a hard time styling them on me because they're so damn drapey. They look good in posed photos but as soon as I wear them out I realize Im drowning in them and they just make me look incredible short. Even tucked into boots they just look like MC Hammer Pants... and not in a good way *sigh*. Usually I can usually find a way to wear the clothes I love, but instead those pants just wear me out, all puns intended.

I was making the final the decision to cut them into shorts when I realized I could keep the integral concept of the "flow pant" by only cutting the front and leaving the back. This way it increased movement and flow in the fabric while adding some visual proportions to my body. Yay for proportion!

Boy Hat, Steampunk Sunnies - Used Vintage | Triangle Necklace - Forever 21  
Geometric Necklace - Oak + Fort | Neoprene Shirt - H&M | Flow Pant - Cheap Monday 
 Shoes - Ransom X Adidas | Bracelets - Aldo, Topman | Ring - Topshop

BEFORE (not cute) AND AFTER (cute)


okay so I tried jumping, it wasn't cute. I tried. 

Until next time,