July 14, 2013

OUTFIT/ Black Magic

You know those days you just want to wear all black in the summer? Well it's been happening to me a lot and I've learned to embrace it. Black happens and when it does, is it ever a good feeling. Not to mention that there are so many ways to do it including, but not limited to: goth, preppy, layered, minimalistic, kawaii, glam, grunge, and any mix of the seven.

For example, today it was my BOY cap, a black neoprene + sequin shirt from Joe (flashy but not too flashy) with my black suit shorts while popping it with an optical black and white sock and my Dr. Marten 1461 Shoes (LOVE EM.) Grunge, prep, and glam all in one while just using one SHADE. Note I didn't say colour. #jussayin.

Hat - USED Vintage | Shirt - Joe Fresh | Shorts - Vintage/DIY 
Socks - Topman | Shoes - 1461 by Dr. Martens | Bracelets - Aldo

I tried taking photos at the mall after if closed cause I was waiting for Saul to get off work and had my camera... almost worked but not quite. What do you think? FB profile worthy at least? ;)

ugh wish this one wasn't blurry!


Until next time,