July 17, 2013

OBJECTS OF DESIRE/ J.W. Anderson - Bento Box Bag



This is beautiful. Ideally—placed within the Jil Sander Plastic Bag, and then inside the Jil Sander Paper Bag—worn when lunching on the town with friends. Just don't mix your takeout with your clutch.

I can envision the Facebook comments now: "Wow. Useless!" and "I like it, but totally useless" but let's break it down now:

Can you hold it?


Does it hold stuff when closed?


Therefor it functions as a clutch (which lets be honest, are pretty "useless" anyways) and therefor it's not useless. Honestly the only thing really useless is a designer producing (can you even call it designing at this point?) another black leather bag with a monogram on it. Think about it. All because its unconventional doesn't mean it's useless. A bag doesn't always have to look like a fabric sack.

Comes in black too :)

Until next time,