July 28, 2013

OUTFIT/ Cut Above The Rest

Sorry everyone! I was supposed to post these outfits last week but I ran out of time but better late than never in this case right?

Some of you may recognize these pants from a while ago. They're Cheap Monday's Flow Pant and I've been having a hard time styling them on me because they're so damn drapey. They look good in posed photos but as soon as I wear them out I realize Im drowning in them and they just make me look incredible short. Even tucked into boots they just look like MC Hammer Pants... and not in a good way *sigh*. Usually I can usually find a way to wear the clothes I love, but instead those pants just wear me out, all puns intended.

I was making the final the decision to cut them into shorts when I realized I could keep the integral concept of the "flow pant" by only cutting the front and leaving the back. This way it increased movement and flow in the fabric while adding some visual proportions to my body. Yay for proportion!

Boy Hat, Steampunk Sunnies - Used Vintage | Triangle Necklace - Forever 21  
Geometric Necklace - Oak + Fort | Neoprene Shirt - H&M | Flow Pant - Cheap Monday 
 Shoes - Ransom X Adidas | Bracelets - Aldo, Topman | Ring - Topshop

BEFORE (not cute) AND AFTER (cute)


July 19, 2013

OUTFIT/ White Sheets

Looking back at what I've posted I realized a pattern of full tonal head-to-toe outfits and it makes me quite happy. It stemmed from wanting to wear a really colourful outfit to work, which next day turned into wanting to wear all black, which turned into wanting to wear all white.

Speaking of white, I know the shorts are grey but it's surprisingly difficult to find a pair if JUST WHITE shorts that aren't denim or that awful "boho" summer see-thru cross-hatchy material. FINALLY though I found a pair at American Apparel which I'm going to be getting soon but for now the grey shorts will have to do.

For this shot I was really inspired by Margiela's boots and idea of deconstruction when I rediscovered the Margiela X H&M Bag in my Bag-bag. Would have loved to actually have a small one I could use practically but I only have the x-large one :(.

Winged Earpiece, High-Low Tank Top - Topshop | White Button-Up, Boots - H&M 
Mesh Shorts - Army & Navy | Bracelets - Aldo & Little Burgundy

I've had the H&M boots since grade 10. They were originally brown and I wore them so much I had to get the heel replaced. Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for the boots, I stopped wearing them around last May right after I got the heel replaced just because it was summer and too hot for boots. Right before boot weather happened up again I ended up meeting Saul. After he came over and saw them for the first time he basically told me if I had worn them on our first date he'd of never come over. Then he got me Docs <333. Finally after finding spare time and a lot of "just do it" I painted them white and ta-daaaaa!


July 17, 2013

OBJECTS OF DESIRE/ J.W. Anderson - Bento Box Bag



This is beautiful. Ideally—placed within the Jil Sander Plastic Bag, and then inside the Jil Sander Paper Bag—worn when lunching on the town with friends. Just don't mix your takeout with your clutch.

I can envision the Facebook comments now: "Wow. Useless!" and "I like it, but totally useless" but let's break it down now:

Can you hold it?


Does it hold stuff when closed?


Therefor it functions as a clutch (which lets be honest, are pretty "useless" anyways) and therefor it's not useless. Honestly the only thing really useless is a designer producing (can you even call it designing at this point?) another black leather bag with a monogram on it. Think about it. All because its unconventional doesn't mean it's useless. A bag doesn't always have to look like a fabric sack.

Comes in black too :)

Until next time,

July 14, 2013

OUTFIT/ Black Magic

You know those days you just want to wear all black in the summer? Well it's been happening to me a lot and I've learned to embrace it. Black happens and when it does, is it ever a good feeling. Not to mention that there are so many ways to do it including, but not limited to: goth, preppy, layered, minimalistic, kawaii, glam, grunge, and any mix of the seven.

For example, today it was my BOY cap, a black neoprene + sequin shirt from Joe (flashy but not too flashy) with my black suit shorts while popping it with an optical black and white sock and my Dr. Marten 1461 Shoes (LOVE EM.) Grunge, prep, and glam all in one while just using one SHADE. Note I didn't say colour. #jussayin.

Hat - USED Vintage | Shirt - Joe Fresh | Shorts - Vintage/DIY 
Socks - Topman | Shoes - 1461 by Dr. Martens | Bracelets - Aldo

I tried taking photos at the mall after if closed cause I was waiting for Saul to get off work and had my camera... almost worked but not quite. What do you think? FB profile worthy at least? ;)

ugh wish this one wasn't blurry!


July 11, 2013

OUTFIT/ Under Construction

As the weather gets hotter here the layers start to come off and I get frustrated because I don't know what to wear. Between the heat and being told that I had to paint a wall at work, I needed an outfit that looked decent for work but it I got paint on anything it wouldn't be the end of the world. Last time I painted I wore all black and ended up wearing a plastic bag the whole day. The cute-novelty of cutting a hole in the bottom of a giant plastic bag and wearing it all day to avoid paint on your clothes wears off as soon as you see the sweat condensation that forms within a half hour. I'm almost surprised I wasn't nominated as "fashion star" at work that day.

Joking ;)

Odd thing about these sweatpants, I bought them in October of 2012 from H&M and haven't worn them out since. Both Saul and I love them but we couldn't seem to make the right outfit with them. It always made outfits look like PJs or just overly sloppy. I was really excited to finally wear them out and not look like  just woke up and just happened to own cool sweatpants haha.

Hat - Used Vintage | Sunglasses, High-low tank-top - Topshop | Triangle Necklace - Forever XXI
Crystal Pendant - Little Burgundy | Sweatpants - H&M | Platforms - Vagabond (Solestruck)

Detail photos and outtakes after the jump!

July 05, 2013

AD/ Kenzo FW13/14

Kenzo's surreal FW 13/14 collections really left the door wide open for a lot of creative opportunities when approaching their advertising. Luckily Kenzo approached masters of modern surrealism  Toilepaper Magazine's Pierpaolo Ferrari with art direction by Maurizio Cattelan (also of Toiletpaper descent), and Micol Talso.

Bold colours, bananas, pink soles, clouds, kittens, dog-tigers, and Alice In Wonderland proportions, what's not to love?

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July 04, 2013


Another day another outfit. I haven't worn my 86 jersey in forever so I decided to pull it out of the closet again. I always have to remind myself that all because everyone's got one doesn't mean I can't wear it. I was also lucky enough to purchase the Topman Design shorts that went on sale because I ended up getting them at 70% off which is more than my work discount at 60%. Scorree!

I wasn't expecting it but I ended up receiving a lot of compliments on my sandals. They're the amazing Clarissa Sandal by Dr. Martens, purchased in Portland at the Dr. Martens Store. I was going to wear them with socks (muhahaha) but I opted not to because the weather this week decided to spike WAY up; I went for my black tights instead. Really wish we had a Doc store in Vancouver because the local options of Dr. Martens is really limited and it would be great to have access to a reliable footwear brand, not to mention they're perfect for any weather Vancouver throws at us.

Hat - Romwe.com | Sunglasses - USED Vintage |  86 Jersey, Tights - Topshop | Bracelets - Aldo
 Holographic Bag - H&M | Printed Shorts - Topman Design | Sandals - Dr. Martens

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July 01, 2013

OBJECTS OF DESIRE/ Agi & Sam X Oliver Sweeney

Quick post about some shoes I found. I've been on the search for the perfect all-white shoe and my transparent boots are close but then I found this shoe collab between Agi & Sam (LOVELOVELOVE) and Oliver Sweeney another popular UK shoe company. They've come together to create three shoes for Agi & Sam's SS14 but the one I've got my eye on is the "chelsea boot-inspired hi top with clear sole"—perfect for any oversized geo-minimalistic outfit.

Now bask in all its glory.

That is all.

Until next time,