June 25, 2013

PHOTOSHOOT/ Youth In Trouble

This is my friend Jen! She started working at Topman a couple months back and as soon as I saw her I instantly thought to myself in caps lock "I HAVE TO PHOTOGRAPH THIS GIRL". Personal Style? Check. A great look? Check. HAIR? BIG CHECK. After nervously introducing myself and managing not to stutter every five words I realized we would get along and this would be a great friendship (and that my boyfriend would absolute LOVEEEEE this girl).

About two-three months later after much (but not really) discussion, we FINALLY set a day to shoot in some dinky mall on Robson Street. I was listening to a lot of The Presets, old and new and their music definitely inspired this shoot a lot.

Fun fact: We were constantly hiding from the mall manager who was hawking us down until we finally gave her a reason to yell at us properly (note the last images on the railing).


Youth In Trouble
Photography/Editing - Marchel Eang
Model/Styling - Jennifer Bellefleur