June 30, 2013

OUTFIT/ Match Set

Hey everyone! It's outfit time! I was lucky this week, with One1One's summer issue coming out tomorrow, all the work involved, and picking up shifts at Topman, it's been a packed week. I'm literally posting this as I'm waiting for the magazine to upload while emailing my editor back and forth about our new media kit—

Phew! Magazine's uploaded, that's one more thing off the list!

Anyways, onto the outfit! This outfit is back from Topman Design's SS13 collection that showed everyone how to find their inner 80's skater-nomad. A lot of basics rebelled on Facebook claiming their disappointment in Topman, while others simply reminded us how the colour pink is synonymous with all things gay. Thanks guys, I forgot.

In other news, I absolutely fell in love with the whole collection and had to get my hands on a something so I settled for the matching button-up and shorts. Muhahaha. Don't tell me "oh you would" BECAUSE I ALREADY DID 3 MONTHS AGO.

I feel bad because I've technically worn this outfit so many times before I even took a photo, let alone actually got around to posting it. Whatevarrrr as long as I post it at some point and wear it at some point it's all good right?

Toque - Aldo | Shirt, Shorts - Topman Design | Shoes - Dr. Marten's

More detail and out take photos after the jump!

This is the photo I would have uploaded to lookbook but they have a rule that you can only post 3 images of yourself in one photo... and I know it's arguable that this is technically one image and not a multiple collage but my previous image was taken off the site because it was "too blurry". IT'S ART. 


Here are a couple instgrams of Saul and I trying on the collection back in February... hah... wow that was a long time ago. My badddd #badblogger

Until next time,