June 15, 2013

OUTFIT/ Cropman/Cropshop

As many of you probably have noticed, this summer has become CROP MANIA. Fashion retailers (especially Topshop) have been quick to add basic and not-so-basic crops to their "must have" summer steals. Step into a Topshop and before you know it you'll be drowning in half-length shirts both in T's and button up collared styles. I've just started calling the store Cropshop.

Personally I love the trend—what's not to love about a 2000's throwback? (Okay well maybe a few things like frosted tips and bandana-headbands). But seriously, a cute pair of (possibly boyfriend) jeans, a crop, a rad pair of sunglasses and a nice chunky heel and you have yourself a great summer outfit.

Being the trendo-phile I am I had to try and grab a crop for myself. Now I can hear everyone in a kerfuffle. Men in crops? Exposed navel and treasure trail? What has this world come too? But don't worry there won't be any of that. Okay, okay at a couple points I definitely maybe tried it on at home while imagining a world where everyone was hot, non-judgemental, and could wear crops freely.

Unfortunately that world isn't here and as much as I should be free to express myself, my treasure trail should be left for the beach expressing itself with the rest of mine and everyone elses' bodies.

Blazer, Chinos - Topman | Crop top - Topshop 
Chambray Shirt - Urban Outfitters | Sneakers - New Balance (Little Burgundy)

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