June 26, 2013

EVENT/ Charles & Grace and Whiskey Teacup Pop-Up Shop!

Friday June 21st. I had the pleasure of attending the Charles & Grace and Whiskey Teacup pop-up shop at the Chinatown Experiment on 434 Columbia Street, Vancouver, BC which is a space anyone can rent out for however long they want and for whatever purpose they want.  Tonight it was turned into the cutest little retail store featuring two local designers.


Sharlyn, Danielle, and Laura
Charles & Grace, owned by Danielle Elizabeth, is a festival jewlery and vintage line featuring crystal necklaces, a variety of hand chains both simple and ornate, flower crowns in every colour you could want, and body harnesses to add some extra festival-mystic oomf to that maxi dress or crop top you were planning on wearing.


Whiskey Teacup is a collaboration between Sharlyn VandenBroek and Laura Crossman (who are my co-workers at Topshop on the creative team). This is their first collaboration and the pop-up shop was also celebrating the launch of their first collection. Their line was also a womens' festival wear line that featured hand-bleached and shredded tank tops, mesh jersey tops and skirts, and a wide variety of PVC rain-vests, ponchos, and accessories. Great for that unpredictable festival weather; functional and fashionable. I would have snatched up one of their sleeveless vinyl-vests if it had fit larger because their prices were unbelievably reasonable for such unique and fun designs.


One1One was involved as well...

...we sponsored the Photobooth. Personally I was responsible for making the photobooth props...mostly the cut-out eyes and lips and most of the ties and bow ties. The other props were either bought or made by Ghazal. It was really great seeing them in use :D


The party was also a going away for our good friend Rob who had a mishap with his visa resulting in him having to leave the country for two years before he can come back. He's been a part of the Topshop/Topman Family since opening and it was great to see a lot of TS/TM family come out to support the event and party it up afterwards at Library Square.

Sharlyn and her Boyfriend Neil 


Until next time,