June 30, 2013

OUTFIT/ Match Set

Hey everyone! It's outfit time! I was lucky this week, with One1One's summer issue coming out tomorrow, all the work involved, and picking up shifts at Topman, it's been a packed week. I'm literally posting this as I'm waiting for the magazine to upload while emailing my editor back and forth about our new media kit—

Phew! Magazine's uploaded, that's one more thing off the list!

Anyways, onto the outfit! This outfit is back from Topman Design's SS13 collection that showed everyone how to find their inner 80's skater-nomad. A lot of basics rebelled on Facebook claiming their disappointment in Topman, while others simply reminded us how the colour pink is synonymous with all things gay. Thanks guys, I forgot.

In other news, I absolutely fell in love with the whole collection and had to get my hands on a something so I settled for the matching button-up and shorts. Muhahaha. Don't tell me "oh you would" BECAUSE I ALREADY DID 3 MONTHS AGO.

I feel bad because I've technically worn this outfit so many times before I even took a photo, let alone actually got around to posting it. Whatevarrrr as long as I post it at some point and wear it at some point it's all good right?

Toque - Aldo | Shirt, Shorts - Topman Design | Shoes - Dr. Marten's

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June 28, 2013


After discovering MS MR I couldn't help but do a shoot inspired by their video for Hurricane. I also discovered one night what great smoking music it is. In advance I apologize if the video doesn't play on this site. It's a great video so don't let it not playing discourage you; watch it on youtube if it doesn't work!)

We shot this in Oakridge (without permissions obvs) and had the security on our asses because they didn't want us sticking low-tack tape to the floors and ceiling. Other than that it was relatively conflict free unlike Youth in Trouble.

Thanks to Julia and Sebastian for being my models!

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June 26, 2013

EVENT/ Charles & Grace and Whiskey Teacup Pop-Up Shop!

Friday June 21st. I had the pleasure of attending the Charles & Grace and Whiskey Teacup pop-up shop at the Chinatown Experiment on 434 Columbia Street, Vancouver, BC which is a space anyone can rent out for however long they want and for whatever purpose they want.  Tonight it was turned into the cutest little retail store featuring two local designers.


June 25, 2013

PHOTOSHOOT/ Youth In Trouble

This is my friend Jen! She started working at Topman a couple months back and as soon as I saw her I instantly thought to myself in caps lock "I HAVE TO PHOTOGRAPH THIS GIRL". Personal Style? Check. A great look? Check. HAIR? BIG CHECK. After nervously introducing myself and managing not to stutter every five words I realized we would get along and this would be a great friendship (and that my boyfriend would absolute LOVEEEEE this girl).

About two-three months later after much (but not really) discussion, we FINALLY set a day to shoot in some dinky mall on Robson Street. I was listening to a lot of The Presets, old and new and their music definitely inspired this shoot a lot.

Fun fact: We were constantly hiding from the mall manager who was hawking us down until we finally gave her a reason to yell at us properly (note the last images on the railing).


Youth In Trouble
Photography/Editing - Marchel Eang
Model/Styling - Jennifer Bellefleur

June 23, 2013

OUTFIT/ Pastel Rebellion

This summer I've found a growing love for pastels, faded prints, and white. Originally I was drawn to things of that nature because I thought they were dreamy and romantic but this outfit turned out to be the complete opposite. It kind of turned into the lovechild outfit of those three things with a little bit of twinky 2000's teenage rebellion thrown into the mix. Why not.

Hat, Bomber Jacket, Floral T, Striped Shorts - Topman | Platforms - Vagabond

Out takes and extras after the jump!

June 15, 2013

OUTFIT/ Cropman/Cropshop

As many of you probably have noticed, this summer has become CROP MANIA. Fashion retailers (especially Topshop) have been quick to add basic and not-so-basic crops to their "must have" summer steals. Step into a Topshop and before you know it you'll be drowning in half-length shirts both in T's and button up collared styles. I've just started calling the store Cropshop.

Personally I love the trend—what's not to love about a 2000's throwback? (Okay well maybe a few things like frosted tips and bandana-headbands). But seriously, a cute pair of (possibly boyfriend) jeans, a crop, a rad pair of sunglasses and a nice chunky heel and you have yourself a great summer outfit.

Being the trendo-phile I am I had to try and grab a crop for myself. Now I can hear everyone in a kerfuffle. Men in crops? Exposed navel and treasure trail? What has this world come too? But don't worry there won't be any of that. Okay, okay at a couple points I definitely maybe tried it on at home while imagining a world where everyone was hot, non-judgemental, and could wear crops freely.

Unfortunately that world isn't here and as much as I should be free to express myself, my treasure trail should be left for the beach expressing itself with the rest of mine and everyone elses' bodies.

Blazer, Chinos - Topman | Crop top - Topshop 
Chambray Shirt - Urban Outfitters | Sneakers - New Balance (Little Burgundy)

Outtakes after the jump!

June 04, 2013


If you haven't heard of Agi and Sam, it's time you did! They're a great British menswear designer duo taking menswear by storm! They're collaborating with Topman and releasing a designer collab globally and it's REALLY exciting! The collection, called "The Owls" is inspired by the impact left on the UK by the Summer Olympics as well as the two designers' fascination with patterned soccer (or should I say football) uniforms from 1990-92. The name also play a part in the inspiration—The prints, patterns and logo are all inspired and derived from owls. Nests, eggs, and photo-realistic owls are found everywhere on the collection.

I'm attending the launch of the collection at the Topman Vancouver location tonight and I'm positively ecstatic to finally try it all on after eyeing it in the stock room for a week or two now.

Here are some of my favs from the original look book as on the Agi and Sam Lookbook.
 (images from Agiandsam.com)

Until next time,