May 01, 2013

OUTFIT/ Show Your Numbers


I'm so sorry (mostly to myself haha) that I haven't been keeping updated. There are so many windows I've wanted to post and a couple more outfits on the back burner! For anyone that doesn't know I'm slowly taking on the roll of Creative Director at One1Onemagazine doing the layout/graphic design for the magazine. Wednesday at midnight is the launch of the May Issue so stay tuned, I'll be posting!

Anyways, I'm going to be in Portland next weekend so I thought I'd make the effort to squeeze in a post today.... EDIT: It's Wednesday now and we literally JUST launched the May issue—I'm about to pass out over my computer in Blenz. I had three hours of sleep and then worked at 8hr shift at Topman and now I'm here. Phew. (I'M SO PUMPED FOR PORTLAND NOW)

And now, I present to you the look!

Spiked Hat - | Steampunk Sunnies - USED Vintage | Jersey Tee - Topshop | Flow Pants - Cheap Monday (Hudson's Bay) | Boots - Dr. Martens (Little Burgundy)

OKAY I'm guilty but I can't help but love the summer trends this year! The combination between collegiate prep and urban grunge is too much fun to not partake in. Not to mention how lately I've kind of been rotating between black and white and all black outfits. I love going out in all black/grey layered looks, it's a nice mix of kick ass and laid back. Realistically though I know I just look like a gay fashion punk. Whatevz. I love this T-shirt though. Topshop originally intended it to be a t-shirt dress, but I love how with pants, it's just a long and fitted jersey-jersey.

The flow pants are tough to photograph. When I'm moving in real life they look great but in photos they can make me look like a giant mop. I tried experimenting with some more poses and I felt really good about these ones. What do you think?

More photos after the jump!