April 12, 2013

WINDOW/ Hudson's Bay Company Spring 2013

You come across the WEIRDEST people taking any kind of street-photos. While I walking across the street to take these photos, dodging the rain, I was kind of guarding my camera from the rain under one arm. Just as I hold up my camera to snap a photo a woman walks by me and blocks me with her umbrella going, "YOU PERVERT I DON'T WANT MY PHOTO TAKEN," and then continues to storm off. Who does that? 

Anyways, I really like what the Bay's been doing... (not to my paycheque) but their windows have been really amazing in the last couple years or so since Bonnie Brooks took over the company. She was also the one responsible for bringing Topshop/Topman to Hudson's Bay within Canada.

LOOK UP! Hudson's Bay uses their second floor windows for displays now! It's great!

I tried to wait for her to finish talking but she wasn't going anywhere quickly. Now she's on a blog.
I didn't manage to get a close up, but I really should have because this time the display team decided to wire the mannequins which is a technique not used by a lot of stores anymore due to how laborious it is. Stores usually only do this when they don't have to change outfits/ the display often. (e.g. Zara uses this technique as well). I'll get a close up soon.

God bless Bonnie,

Until next time,