April 25, 2013

WINDOW/ Holt Renfrew Mid-Spring 2013

Hurray! The sun's been shining, the weather's been getting warmer and the windows are changing. First midseason window change is Holt Renfrew! Following the graphic trend, these windows take a great leap into spring by introducing a bright and fresh colour palette with lots of bold black and white patterns on the walls, props and in the styling. The geo-tulips are so cute!

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LOVE that outfit. Graphic Monochromatic jumpsuit? Yes please!

 I feel like the double window could have used more mannequins... it just seems a bit sparse. On the Dunsmuir side of the street they changed things up by having a Rag & Bone feature window. What's great is that they kept to Rag & Bone's aesthetic but kept it  consistent with their other windows by featuring the brand's colourful accessories and outfits with pops of neon. Note the usage of bust forms instead of mannequins to match the rugged and raw look of Rag & Bone.

Cute boot! Also those leggings are so future-chic!

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