March 19, 2013


Hello Everyone!

I finally got around to taking some photos of the good windows around Downtown this weekend and that means I finally get to make a post about something other than my outfits, YAY! For the record, I'm not here to critique styling, I'm posting solely for the joys of window display. I appreciate every store's aesthetic and take on styling and I don't think it's totally fair to hold that against my own tastes.

However if standards are particularly bad though, I'll make sure to make a fuss about it ;)

So let's start with Aritzia's windows for spring: STOP BLENDING IN!

Aqua-jungle and giant highlighter chameleons, what's not to love?

What a way to start off the season! Out with the neutrals and in with the colours, Aritzia's taken a bold step away from the black and white trends dominating retail right now. And I'm LOVING it!

STOP BLENDING IN! Love the bright salmon orange-pink against the aqua foliage and aren't those chameleons the cutest? They also come in indigo which are in-store and on Robson but between laziness and forgetfulness I didn't manage to get a photo of them... OH WAIT Nevermind I have some on my phone :) 

These windows have been up for a while, I'm just playing catch up. I remember because it was about mid-February when I was doing a week of overnights at Topshop/Topman for our big annual store review called "Model Store" I was in the Granville Street Window re-painting the walls yet another shade of blue/green when I looked across the street and saw them with bales of aqua foliage:

Behold, it turned into this great display you've been seeing for about a month. Note the huge pile of leave in the store, there were like five of them laying around from where I could see. Crazy fun stuff. I wouldn't mind having a wall just draped with the stuff... or one of these chameleons in general :D


I must say, I do like this combination of brocade jacket and printed top against the turquoise.  

If any of you remember the flying cats from their Christmas 2011/12 windows, you'll have probably heard that they sold them due to popular demand. I'm really hoping they sell the chameleons too cause I want to be first in line to own one of them! If I hear anything I'll be sure to let all of you know!

Until next time!