March 26, 2013

WINDOW/ Holt Renfrew and a Question


If this whole taking photos of windows is illegal can somebody please notify me asap? I was on Robson St. and taking photos of a window of a store who shall not be named and a sales rep came out all like, "You can't take photos of our mannequins!" so I just walked away and will probably return soon to strike again.

As far as I'm aware, I know I'm not allowed photos inside the store unless I have permission from the company. On the street/public property however, I believe it's fair game..? I might be wrong but unless somebody stops me I'm gonna keep going.

Moving on to the windows, this week I present to you, Holt Renfrew Vancouver's Windows! Lots of colour and lots of fun! This window makes me long for the hot summer with going to the beach in the afternoon and a BBQ at night in the garden.

For the sake of simplicity we're going to start the tour from the Dunsmuir side and work our way around the corner down Granville.

BIG THINGS: Note the repetition in printed pants, cropped jackets, draped details and textures and patterns.

Some fancy footwork going on, loving the foot treatments! It's always great seeing what Holts does with their mannequins below the belt because their mannequins can't wear shoes. The big head wraps are lots of fun too!

PURPLE! Personally I like these mannequins with the facial features better for this window just because it's quite an abstract setting, it makes the display just a bit more grounded and believable. 

Anyways, loving the lantern sticks. I'd carry one.

These falsies? Dying. So fabulous. Also, 
Also, note the head scarf/hat combo. As P'Trique would say #TotesAmaze.

SHOES! So many to choose from!

Cute, Cute, Cute. I'd rock all of those in a heartbeat. To be honest, I'm kind of bored of all the heeled sneakers making their rounds right now in exciting shades of taupe, camel, and black — but those red ones? YES PLEASE.

Girl getting sassy while the man watches in the background. He's stayin' out of this one.
(Love the cascade of lanterns in the back with the rest of them laid out on the floor. This one's probably my favourite of the grouping)

And then the big double-window!

That's all until next time!