March 17, 2013

OUTFIT/ Back to Blue

Happy Sunday everyone!

Hope you're all doing well on this bright St. Pattie's Day. (By "bright" I mostly mean "not raining")

I've been meaning to start posting looks twice a week, but with The Style Diner and work and One1One Magazine (say hello to your new Creative Director), I haven't been able to do that so maybe for now I'm going to stick to once a week. Seems to work :)

For this look I've kind of been rediscovering my love for my single pair of Acid Wash Vintage Skinny jeans I impulsively bought from Topman with my discount when the store first opened. I never really put them to good use until now because in highschool I HATED wearing navy or blue shirts with denim because I thought it looked "too blue" but now I'm loving this monochromatic colour scheme. I guess I just didn't have the right pieces back then!

Snapback with Leather Strap - Obey | Aztec Blazer, Acid Wash Vintage Skinny Denim - Topman | Acid Wash Circle Scarf - American Apparel | Jersey Button-Up - Club Monaco |  Flatform Oxfords - Jeffrey Campbell @ Solestruck


Obligatory jumping shots

Hurrah auto-focus

Hahaha Didn't realize how ridiculous this was until I saw it full screen on the computer

Until next time!