March 31, 2013

OUTFIT/CONTEST/ Matt & Nat Black!

Hello Everyone!

I've been so busy this past week finalizing the layout for the April Issue of One 1 One Magazine that I unfortunately wasn't able to post a look last week! This week however I managed to fit something in cause Saul and Kiana and I wanted to submit for the Matt & Nat Black style contest to win one of the Limited Edition Matt & Nat X Little Burgundy Book Bags! Matt & Nat is great because their bags are eco friendly with vegan/recycled leather AND they're sexy as fuuuu.

I would have posted about it earlier but I've been so busy I'm sorry!

"Matt & Nat combines cutting edge fashion and social responsibility, which represents the duality of Matt & Nat's soul. All linings are made from recycled plastic water bottles and a message inside of each bag lets customers know exactly how many bottles were recycled to produce thier accessories. Their collection consists of wallets, handbags, jewellery, flip flops and more."


Here are some of the photos I had to choose from. 
Had a fun time with Saul taking photos and styling Kiana! Dont forget to check out their out takes—best for last ;)

Me - Hat - Some random Asian store in Crystal Mall | Scarf and Mesh Top - H&M | High-Low Tank (underneath) - Topshop | Athletic Shorts - Army & Navy | Leggings - Mad Hatters Discounts | Platforms - Y.R.U. @ Solestruck

Saul - Toque, Denim - Topman | Jacket - UO | Necklace, Oversize T - Topshop | Boots - Dr. Martens @ Little Burgundy

Kiana - Spiked Cap - | Bowtie - Topman | Chiffon Blouse - AA | Skirt - Topshop | Shoes - Call It Spring


March 26, 2013

WINDOW/ Holt Renfrew and a Question


If this whole taking photos of windows is illegal can somebody please notify me asap? I was on Robson St. and taking photos of a window of a store who shall not be named and a sales rep came out all like, "You can't take photos of our mannequins!" so I just walked away and will probably return soon to strike again.

As far as I'm aware, I know I'm not allowed photos inside the store unless I have permission from the company. On the street/public property however, I believe it's fair game..? I might be wrong but unless somebody stops me I'm gonna keep going.

Moving on to the windows, this week I present to you, Holt Renfrew Vancouver's Windows! Lots of colour and lots of fun! This window makes me long for the hot summer with going to the beach in the afternoon and a BBQ at night in the garden.

For the sake of simplicity we're going to start the tour from the Dunsmuir side and work our way around the corner down Granville.

BIG THINGS: Note the repetition in printed pants, cropped jackets, draped details and textures and patterns.

March 19, 2013


Hello Everyone!

I finally got around to taking some photos of the good windows around Downtown this weekend and that means I finally get to make a post about something other than my outfits, YAY! For the record, I'm not here to critique styling, I'm posting solely for the joys of window display. I appreciate every store's aesthetic and take on styling and I don't think it's totally fair to hold that against my own tastes.

However if standards are particularly bad though, I'll make sure to make a fuss about it ;)

So let's start with Aritzia's windows for spring: STOP BLENDING IN!

Aqua-jungle and giant highlighter chameleons, what's not to love?

March 17, 2013

OUTFIT/ Back to Blue

Happy Sunday everyone!

Hope you're all doing well on this bright St. Pattie's Day. (By "bright" I mostly mean "not raining")

I've been meaning to start posting looks twice a week, but with The Style Diner and work and One1One Magazine (say hello to your new Creative Director), I haven't been able to do that so maybe for now I'm going to stick to once a week. Seems to work :)

For this look I've kind of been rediscovering my love for my single pair of Acid Wash Vintage Skinny jeans I impulsively bought from Topman with my discount when the store first opened. I never really put them to good use until now because in highschool I HATED wearing navy or blue shirts with denim because I thought it looked "too blue" but now I'm loving this monochromatic colour scheme. I guess I just didn't have the right pieces back then!

Snapback with Leather Strap - Obey | Aztec Blazer, Acid Wash Vintage Skinny Denim - Topman | Acid Wash Circle Scarf - American Apparel | Jersey Button-Up - Club Monaco |  Flatform Oxfords - Jeffrey Campbell @ Solestruck


March 11, 2013

OUTFIT/ Basics

Hey Everyone!

I'm sure anyone that's put on clothes goes through a phase where they just want to be a basic bitch. I'm kind of in that phase right now and I'm loving every bit of it. It comes and goes, in a week or so I'll probably be back into patterns but for now what you see is what you get ;)

I finally got a new lens for my camera and this is the first real outfit shoot I've done with it. I forgot how intimidating taking photos by yourself is, I definitely missed having fun with Saul this round. (Note the lack of goofy photos this time)

Blazer, Neoprene T, Bunny Necklace - H&M  | Wet-Look Legging - Topshop | Stars Pocket Square - Topman | Drawstring Shorts - Simons | New Balance Sneakers - Little Burgundy | Grey Knit Toque - Forever XXI


March 04, 2013

OUTFIT/ Bored Shorts

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, oddly enough I've been totally overwhelmed with work but now that Model Store is over my shifts have basically gone down to almost nothing. Fret not because that means I get more creative time and energy to myself!

Onto the new look, I rediscovered these old board shorts I used to wear strictly for P.E. in high school... and then every now and then in the summer. I got them from winners because that was one of the best places to shop as a guy in grade 10. Behold, I've found a new use for them! Yay! I forgot to get a layout shot time, sorry! I'll make sure to remember next time :)

Hype, like, fan, heart, do what you please :)

Out takes after the jump!