February 06, 2013

OUTFIT/ Easy Breezy

It's been really foggy lately in Van and I LOVE IT! Fog is so mysterious and I just feel ghosty and romantic walking around all the time. This outfit also makes me feel slightly like a gypsy and it's great :)


Saul really likes this one but I don't really know why ;p 

It was really cold out resulting in really derpy photos. I wanted to try and get the chiffon to be breezy and like a ghost without being really unflattering (because lets be honest chiffons look better IRL than in photos unless you're Kate Moss or an AA model). Also guess which photo was Saul's pose for me. 

I was convinced about getting a jumping photo but they just weren't working and we were getting hungry and cars kept driving by so we stopped before one of us or the camera was thrown onto the pavement. Luckily I still got the two good photos I used in the Lookbook photo! :)

 Until next time!