January 07, 2013

OUTFIT/LIFE/ Updates from Topshop/Topman

Hey everyone!

I've posted a new look on Lookbook! Check it out here:

After the jump, I've included bonus photos of work and a couple extra shots of the Lookbook shoot that my boyfriend took ;)

Topman PTA (Prime Trend Area)
The current trend is called "Southbank Skate" inspired by the 90s and the Southbank Skate Park in London
Styled by Minnie Yun
Grouping assembled by Minnie and me

Suits mannequins and section
Styled by Minnie Yun

Our I-Bar "window" is in the area that divides Topshop from Topman
The display itself is always divided into three groupings: Smart, Suits, and Casual
Styled by Minnie Yun
Assembled by Minnie, Athena Pascal, Sarah Haughton, Anthony Rosenberg and myself

Probably currently my favourite display in Topshop! ART HAUS!
Im not sure about this one so im going to credit everyone as a joint effort haha: Sharlyn VandenBroek, Margreth DySalvador, Tammy Larkin, Laura Crossman, assisted by Anthony for the assembly.

I'm realizing I should probably put together a definitions page for all this Topshop/Topman lingo. I can get confusing even for me. Ill get on that in the next couple of days for sure. It'll be a constant work in progress as I keep learning a new one every couple of weeks...

Now for those bonus shots from the lookbook shoot, enjoy :)

Until next time!