January 19, 2013

LIFE/ Holdup!

Hello Friends!

I'm sorry for the delay on posts. There's been a lot going on in the store but unfortunately there's been a hypothetical wrench thrown into the gears of what I want to blog about. Has anybody noticed how photos are frowned upon in retail stores? Generally a blind eye is turned towards casual photos with friends and the like, but if you're seen taking photos of the displays, architecture, or design of the store, you'll most likely be told photos aren't allowed.

So on that note, what I'm blogging about has the potential to get me in a lot of trouble or fired. I'm going to confirm with my manager to see what photos are allowed. If photos of the store aren't allowed you'll just have to come into the store to see it yourself. I don't see them having a problem with me posting photos in the studio/not in the "store" but I'm going to ask about those anyways.

I realized that what I was doing was potentially a bad idea when I overheard a couple managers discussing photographs of the store being published and how if Acadia (company that owns TS/TM) got wind of it they would be very unhappy. I wasn't sure if I heard properly but either way after some thought I realized I should ask regardless.

I have a new look posted on Lookbook so I'll be posting that shortly!