November 29, 2015


Wow it's been a VERY long time since I've posted on here!

It's been a crazy three months since August and since I got the new job at Nordstrom. Since I posted last, I was managing the Pop-In Shop. We've now changed over to our Opening Ceremony Pop-In and going into holiday we're going to start getting a lot of great gifting items. If you need any last minute gifts from $2 (kawaii erasers) to $2000 (solo wheel/hoverboards) we got you covered ;)


July 25, 2015

NEW EDITORIAL/ with Sleazy Corner and Pitch Zine!

Hey Everyone, it's been a while!

As some of you may or may not know I left my position at Topshop/Topman on July 14th to join the Nordstrom team as their department manager for Pop-In, a designated space for a series of themed pop-up shops that changes every 4-6 weeks! It's very very exciting, totally my thing, and completely new to Vancouver. The wonderful lady who started Pop-In@Nordstrom goes by the name of Olivia Kim and was actually Opening Ceremony's first buyer alongside Humberto Leon and Carol Lim.

I've been interviewing people since last Saturday and my brain has completely been squeezed of any ability to focus on a conversation - even typing this post is proving to be a bit more difficult than I originally thought. I'll definitely be sharing some photos of Pop-In a bit closer to the date and if anyone knows any very driven and out-going fashion people in Vancouver get them to apply! I'm still looking for full time people for my team!

In other news we have a new editorial online with Pitch-Zine featuring Korean unisex loungewear brand, Sleazy Corner.

Below are some of my favourite spreads from the editorial but definitely make sure to check out the full editorial on Pitch-Present!

Photography/Styling - Marchel B. Eang
Art Direction - Saul Alviar
Hair and Make Up - Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick
Models - Jon and Tiffany from Wilhelmina Vancouver
Layout - Scott Kim from Sleazy Corner

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July 02, 2015

OUTFIT/ Please Don't Tell My Mom, I'm Home.

Hat - American Apparel | Tank Top - Sleazy Corner (gifted)
Wide Leg Pants - Topshop Unique | Shoes - Vans

Instagram is such a wonderful way to meet people. I've met so many wonderful people and brands through Instagram: Joel from The Hallowed Ground, Mikko from Mikkoputtonen, and OUIBONJOUR, to name a few!

A new brand to add to the list of friends is Sleazy Corner from Korea! They found my photography work through Instagram and liked it so much they sent me a few pieces from their SS15 capsule collection! Sleazy Corner is a cheeky unisex loungewear brand made from premium fabrics - their SS15 capsule collection features the slogan "Please don't tell my mom, I'm home." on all their tops along with a cap that reads "Please don't tell." Their garment construction is specially designed to fit on both the male and female figure...


July 01, 2015

NEW EDITORIAL/ How Summer Comes So Quickly ft. Josh Beech

Had an AMAZING time shooting Josh Beech a few weeks ago! Now I know a lot of you don't know who he is, and that's ok! But let me give you some background so you know how exciting this was for me.

Josh Beech is/was one of my personal model favs when I was in high school. Between 2007-2010 there was a of new wave of punk models hitting the scene. On the mens side we have the trifecta of Ash Stymest, Cole Mohr, and Josh Beech. On the girls side, there's kind of just Agyness Deyn, but she is/was super cool too. When I saw them in editorial spreads my whole perception of "fashion" changed completely''.

No longer did mens fashion have to be dapper men in suits, or fit oiled up guys in thongs, fashion could be COOL and punk and FUN.

Now, I'm only like 3 years apart in age from the three of them but I remember sitting in textiles class and looking at my new copy of i-D with this editorial shot by Brett Lloyd and styled by Nicola Formichetti, as seen below:


June 19, 2015

OUTFIT/ Dare to Flare

Okay I apologize for the title, but come on it's kinda funny right?

Hat - Hudsons Bay | Parka - American Apparel | T-Shirt - Gosha Rubchinskiy 
Pants - Topman Design | Shoes - Dr. Martens

When I saw the original runway show for Topman Design SS15 I'll admit I was a bit (read that as a lot) overwhelmed by the full-on psychedelic 70's spectacle they presented. 

As per usual though, after seeing the pieces in store and giving a few of them a try I ended up falling in love with the flared chartreuse pants.

It's really crazy how much a pant shape can subtly/butactuallydramatically change an outfit, I know, I know, I'm just realizing this now and you're probably kind of surprised, hearing this from the boy who wears culottes almost every day. You tend not to realize it, especially if you're used to just wearing similar shapes all the time, but to those of you who stick to the same pant shapes I really recommend giving different cut a try and see where it takes you! You might be disgusted at first but obviously it's because you're used to seeing yourself (and your legs) a certain way, so give it some time! 

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June 03, 2015


New tests of Jess from Wilhelmina Vancouver! We shot this a while back on the same day as Kelsey's  60s Mod submission for Blanche Macdonald's 'Miles of Mac' contest. I realize now that I never actually shared that post but definitely check it out on the F.B. ;)

Photography/Styling: Marchel B. Eang
Hair: Nessa Pineda
Model: Jess from Wilhelmina Vancouver

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May 24, 2015

SUMMER MUST HAVES/ Sneaker Shortlist

Hey everyone!

You'll notice this is a bit of a different post from usual but maybe they'll start happening more often...? This is also a little bit of an advertisement, but just know that I am not getting paid for this,  and any sales and clicks from this sneaker feature do not benefit me in any way.

A lovely lady named Laurren Medford-Stewart, who works for European online retailer, contacted me with this "exclusive" infographic on their top summer sneaks and strongly encouraged me to share it. Just because I love FarFetch so much, I present to you FarFetch's Sneaker Shortlist!

What style are you? Let me know in the comments!

Trainer Shortlist

Click the infographic above to view the full animated version on Farfetch's website!

For those of you who don't know what FarFetch is, they are an online retailer that sources their product from european boutiques. Instead of having to visit a bunch of different boutiques websites that may or may not have certain sizes or styles from your fav designers, you can just search them all at the same time through FarFetch! I've made a couple of my purchases from them over the years - I tend to use them as a last resort though because taxes and duties from Europe to Canada are not very nice to my bank account!

until next time,

May 21, 2015


I remember there was a time when I absolutely DESPISED the colour pink - especially on boys.  To be fair, I hated pink in way back high school before I knew that fashion was an actual "thing" and the only guys wearing pink were douchebags or extremely flaming - of which I was neither.  Since then I've grown up some, widened my perspective, dyed my hair blue, green, and come back to black and come to appreciate it, and maybe even love it.

Not only am I into soft pinks, but camel tones, and for anyone who's following me on insta you'll know what I'm talking about. Even though I've made a bit of a promise to myself to stop spending on TS/TM, I ended up splurging on a camel Harrington jacket and this light pink bomber... they were just exactly what I was looking for and the pink bomber I was able to get on my work discount ^-^ In other pink/camel-things-news I'm also saving up for the pink Raf/Stans! Can't wait to wear them with my bomber. Too much pink? Maybe. But I'm feelin' it so ����

(click photo above to view on

Hat, T-Shirt - Sandro | Bomber Jacket - Topman | Shorts - Zara 
Pin - Inventory from Neighbour | Shoes - New Balance

This one's a short outfit post - no outtakes or anything, sorry! But really, that's fine because it's beautiful outside and you should be enjoying the amazing weather while you can - if it's even nice where you are ;)

Until next time ��

May 20, 2015


Had the pleasure of working with Adam-Lin, a new face in the local fashion scene here in Vancouver.   Adam is studying in the city at La Salle College and recently had his very first collection presented at Vancouver Fashion Week for AW15 - already can't wait to see more from this guy!

Fun fact, Adam is actually the twin brother of Kelsey's boyfriend (Kelsey being my bestie-makeup artist for anyone new on SWAV). 

You can follow Adam on Instagram @frreekie :)

Photography - Marchel B. Eang
Model - Mieka from Lizbell Agency
All Clothing - Adam Lin


May 19, 2015


New editorial in print and online for INSPI-MAG!

Photography/Styling: Marchel B. Eang
HMUA: Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick
Model: Aidan from Family Management

Featuring pieces by Sara Armstrong, Acne Studios, Pantone Universe, Project Garments, Tomorrowland, Etudes Studio, and more!

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April 25, 2015


Vancouver based stylist Lucy Yun (or more commonly known by her insta-name Beyunique) presented her Thrift Chic Challenge at Vancouver's Eco Fashion Week sponsored this year by H&M. For those of you who aren't from here or don't know about EFW's Thrift Chic Challenge, it's a really exciting part of EFW where stylists can apply to win a $500 gift card to V-Squared, Village de Valeurs, or, as you may more commonly know it, Value Village - one of Vancouver's most popular and sought ought thrift stores companies. From there, it's up to the stylists to come up with a collection only using second-hand pieces.

Inspired by cool girls playing tennis in the summer, Lucy's collection features H-2-T looks with a wide variety of go-to SS15 must-haves. Highlights from the collection are definitely the powder blue and baby pink bucket hats and visors while those light-weight denim culottes are definitely on my personal watch list! ;)

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April 03, 2015

OUTFIT/ Yoko-Meshi

Short-Sleeved Button-Up - 3.1 Phillip Lim | Yoko Meshi Sweatshirt - OUIBONJOUR 
Satin Culottes - Topshop | Silver Sneakers - Acne Studios

Hello everyone! A while back, minimal streetwear brand OUIBONJOUR contacted me and Saul with some kind words and wanted to meet up with us for an interview! Fernando and Sunny who own the brand were in town for a month and were looking for creatives from every city to feature on their website blog. You can check out our interview here.

I was honoured to receive a couple pieces from their recent collection - a 'yoko meshi' sweatshirt and one of their 'pristine' t-shirts. After a crazy month of getting my creative shit back together and getting fed up with waiting for the weather to be the right conditions,  I just decided to wing it in my home studio ;) 

Enjoy the photos below and make sure to check out OUIBONJOUR's website and shop! They have a great selection of new minimal streetwear pieces up and their runs are very limited so get it while you can.

OUIBONJOUR is also on Facebook, and Instagram.

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