April 03, 2015

OUTFIT/ Yoko-Meshi

Short-Sleeved Button-Up - 3.1 Phillip Lim | Yoko Meshi Sweatshirt - OUIBONJOUR 
Satin Culottes - Topshop | Silver Sneakers - Acne Studios

Hello everyone! A while back, minimal streetwear brand OUIBONJOUR contacted me and Saul with some kind words and wanted to meet up with us for an interview! Fernando and Sunny who own the brand were in town for a month and were looking for creatives from every city to feature on their website blog. You can check out our interview here.

I was honoured to receive a couple pieces from their recent collection - a 'yoko meshi' sweatshirt and one of their 'pristine' t-shirts. After a crazy month of getting my creative shit back together and getting fed up with waiting for the weather to be the right conditions,  I just decided to wing it in my home studio ;) 

Enjoy the photos below and make sure to check out OUIBONJOUR's website and shop! They have a great selection of new minimal streetwear pieces up and their runs are very limited so get it while you can.

OUIBONJOUR is also on Facebook, and Instagram.

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March 31, 2015

NEW EDITORIAL/ Spring Fling for ION Magazine Issue #95!

HELLOO!!! It's been one heck of a long time and for anyone who still reads these, I APOLOGIZE. I'm v sorry, life gets in the way and unfortunately for this blog and anyone hoping for regular updates,  procrastinating and photoshoots kind of take priority. Yes, it's literally a dramatic switch between photoshoots and procrastinating, I'm not kidding - well, sometimes there's mild anxiety about where to start and what to start on first, which turns into procrastinating, which turns into eating ice cream bars.

Saul and I shot this a while ago, back in January for ION Magazine and it was originally for the February issue. One issue with the printer later though, and here we are in late March (late as in tomorrow is April). It's not a bad thing though! Because you know what? Something I've done is finally in print and in circulation across Canada, and if it took an extra month, I'm okay with that ;D

In other news, I've been working on a few other projects which you'll all see in good time! I always release lots of sneak peeks on projects on my Instagram @MarchelCreative though, so make sure to check it out and follow along!

I've also started a bit of my own online magazine by the name of Your Future Magazine - we're still in early stages of getting things together but I'm definitely looking for writers, photographers, stylists, and anyone creative to submit and get involved. If you wanna help out, short term OR long term, shoot me an email at marchel@yourfuturemagazine.com.

NOW you're probably exhausted from that boring talk, so here's the editorial mentioned earlier!


Photography/Styling - Marchel B. Eang
HMUA: Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick
Art Direction: Saul Alviar
Creative Direction: Deanna Palkowski
Models: Mieka from Lizbell Agency, Joe from Wilhelmina Vancouver

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March 19, 2015


Had the pleasure of shooting Summer from Family Management again! Originally this was just going to be a make up shoot that Kelsey initiated for The Blanche Macdonald Centre Francesca Tolot "One Woman 100 Faces" contest but we took some time before Kels got started and did a bit of a mini-test shoot.

Enjoy and don't forget to check out Kelsey's final photo submission for the contest at the end of the post!


Photography/Styling: Marchel B. Eang
Model: Summer from Family Management

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March 12, 2015

TESTING/ Justice - Round 2

New test shoot with this lovely face who goes by the name of Justice. He's been on SWAV before but got in contact with me again to take some new photos. Justice isn't signed to an agency yet but he will be walking in Vancouver Fashion week for a show or two so keep an eye out for him there!

The weather (up until yesterday) has been especially nice in Vancouver for this time of year - it's so exciting to be able to start shooting outdoors again. Ever since the end of December I've just been feeling absolutely drained of any creative energy. I think partly just from getting tired of shooting in my cramped studio. It's so much more refreshing to have the option of choosing inside or outside and I after shooting outside again in the sun, I can definitely feel some inspiration starting to flow back into my body.

Enjoy the photos! :)

Model: Justice
Photography/Styling: Marchel B. Eang
Art Direction: Saul Alviar


March 09, 2015


Had the pleasure of shooting Josh this weekend. Enjoy the photos below! :)

Photography: Marchel B. Eang
Art Direction: Saul Alviar
Model: Josh (unsigned)

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March 07, 2015



Hi everyone! 

Over the past month Saul and I were contacted by Fernando and Sunny, the two creative founders behind the minimal streetwear brand 'OUIBONJOUR'. Established in Barcelona, they were visiting Vancouver for a month before leaving again for Berlin.

'OUIBONJOUR' puts an emphasis on comfort and personal expression while keeping a minimal approach to presentation and uniformity.

As the two have been traveling around the world they've been interviewing the creatives that they discover in whatever city they stop in. In the past they've interviewed the likes of Norwegian music artist Torgny Amdam, Parisian photographer Mathieu Vilasco, Swedish cartoon artist Franz Ung, the Swedish fashion label (whom we love as well) Orphan Bird, and a few others which you should definitely check out in their interviews section.

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March 04, 2015

TESTING/ Riley from Family Management

Had the pleasure of working with the lovely Riley from Family Management!  Take a look below :)

Riley from Family Management
Art Direction: Saul Alviar
Styling/Photography: Marchel B. Eang

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February 27, 2015

OUTFIT/ Oh My Gosha

For those of you who haven't yet heard of Gosha Rubchinskiy, definitely give him a Google. He's a fresh Russian artist and designer whose work deals a lot with Russian youth culture and how it's changed after Berlin Wall fell - Definitely look him up!

(click image above to view on Lookbook)

Hat - Gosha Rubchinskiy (Opening Ceremony) | T-Shirt and Socks - American Apparel
Bomber Jacket - Topshop | Pants - Margiela | Shoes - Sandro

I don't know why blogger uploads these photos with a sepia-tinge, they're supposed to be more blue :/

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February 26, 2015

TESTING/ Patrick

Shot Patrick a while back and finally got around to editing and posting them! So sorry for the wait on this one! Don't miss out on the three photos after the jump too! 

Model - Patrick from Family Management
Grooming - Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick
Photography - Marchel B. Eang

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February 23, 2015

OUTFIT/ Orange Crush

Hat - American Apparel | Shirt - Board of Trade | Overcoat - Topman
Jeans - Naked & Famous Denim | Sneakers - Raf Simons x Adidas

This post is gonna be short sweet and simple. I just really wanted an outfit photo on the huge pile of dirt up across the street. The home owners are in the process of knocking down and rebuilding their house and in the meantime the huge tarped up pile of dirt is just sitting there. Obviously that means a photo-op right?

This outfit is a lot more on the simple side but I'm taking this post as a bit of an experiment to see what posting a "simple" outfit on Lookbook will do. I'm curious to to compare the response of this outfit post to one of the posts where I'm a bit more layered up or where I'm not wearing your typical "menswear" pieces whatever that means ;) 

I have to thank Saul once again for these shoes. Wouldn't have them without him <3 It's kind of strange though because since Christmas I haven't formally posted an outfit photo of them yet - How totally rude of me. Better late than never though!

Outtakes below:

Until next time,

February 14, 2015


Had a great time with Saul shooting our friend James! Take a look below, and more photos after the jump!

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February 13, 2015

NEW EDITORIAL/ Change of State

New online editorial exclusively for Vulkan Magazine is now live on their site!

Here are some previews! :)

Model: Virginia @ Lizbell Agency
Art Direction: Saul Alviar
Styling/Photography: Marchel B. Eang

Featuring pieces by Alex S. Yu, Evan Clayton, Sandro, OUIBONJOUR, and Laurence & Chico!

See the FULL editorial on Vulkan Magazine's Website! 

Until next time,