September 01, 2014


Photography: Marchel B. Eang
Styling: Saul Alviar
Models: Summer from Family Management 
and our friend Judah (unsigned)
Featuring looks by KTZ from Kokko

Sometimes Kokko at Aberdeen Center lets us borrow their new-in clothing to shoot with and this time they threw some KTZ at us. First thing Saul noticed was the swastikas printed both forwards and in reversed in a maze-like pattern over a couple of the sets.

Obviously I didn't think much of it in my AW14 review back in January because I didn't even care enough to post one of those looks hahaha.

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August 27, 2014

NEW TEST/ Summer

Had an amazing time doing this test shoot with Saul, Judah, and Summer from Family Management last  week! We also did a fun shoot together with some KTZ but that's for another date :D

Photography/Styling: Marchel B. Eang

Art Direction: Saul Alviar

Make Up: Andrea Panichelli

Model: Summer from Family Management


August 25, 2014

OUTFIT/ Simple Sunday

(click photo above to view in Lookbook)

Haircut - JD's Barber | Shirt - Topman | Shorts - Alexander Wang | Sandals - Topshop | Bag - DIY

I realized that when I use my "NEW OUTFIT" header over my outfit photos, some people might think I took a little shopping trip, when indeed I did not. In this case, these are all things I've had all summer but never worn together. When I say "New Outfit" sometimes, yes, there will be new purchases, but for the most part it'll be a new paring of items you may or may not have seen already.  Just thought I'd clarify :)

Saul and I went to Metrotown on Sunday to use these Dairy Queen coupons we had. 2 for 1 Relish Dogs and Blizzards Yummm. We usually share a mini Blizzard so I don't know why we thought getting a small each. Our friend Logan described it perfectly as "a deceivingly small cup of cake, sugar, and milk". First few bites and you're in heaven-but make it past 10 and it's all aboard the fat train to the bloated city. Somehow I always manage to finish the rest in shame just out of *getting my moneys worth* and it still tasting awfully good.


August 18, 2014


New test shoot introducing fresh face, Karina, from Wilhemina Vancouver!

Photography/Styling: Marchel B. Eang

Art Direction: Saul Alviar

Hair and Make Up: Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick

Model: Karina from Wilhelmina Vancouver

Featuring full looks from Topshop

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August 16, 2014


One of the most exciting projects to date! SOLESTRUCK, one of our FAV FAV online shoe destinations, commissioned us to create this lookbook for one of their great shoe brands called YES (We Are The Shit). TAKE A LOOK!

Here are some awesome gifs created by Solestruck themselves too


August 04, 2014

OUTFIT/ Killer-Diller Youth Zoot Suit

IT's been literally a month since my last outfit post and I'm sorry! It's been a crazy summer and Saul Kelsey and I've been absolutely up to our necks in photo shoots (which I hope I'll be able to share with you all soon!). I should also mention that Kelsey's been selected by her school to compete in IMATS Vancouver in the Beauty/Fantasy category where she'll have to produce a head to toe look in two hours  under the theme of "Art Through the Ages". Ultimately the whole thing is kind of insane so follow her on her Insta @kelseyannaf and shout out some love for her. She competes this coming Sunday on the 10th! Next on the list of updates is the actual outfit post! ;D

For AW14/15 Juun J collaborated with Josh Luke of Best Dressed Signs, applying Luke's typographic designs and motifs to the collection. Together, they re-envisioned and reinvented the poor Zoot Suit thats been been to hell and back through the costume ringer after the 40s until now - never before have the Zoot Suit's proportions been so relevant and refreshed. What a killer diller collaboration! … okay I tried, moving on.

(click photo above to view on  Lookbook)

Hat - American Apparel | Neoprene Sweatshirt - Juun J x Josh Luke (From Kokko)
Shorts - Topshop Boutique | Sliders - Adidas


July 19, 2014

GARDEN CLUB/ 3's a Team

life happens and sometimes not everyone can make it, and thats okay. Collette Saul and I went to Dr. Sun Yat Sen Gardens in Chinatown to explore. See the rest of the photos after the jump :) 

Also, this was a couple weeks ago, and right now Collette is on a wonderful trip around Iceland and Europe for a couple months and something. Fun fact ;) If you want you can follow her on instagram here.


July 07, 2014

BRUNCH CLUB/ Brunch With Bae

HURRAY! The past couple days have been a total whirlwind of wonderful company and new experiences. Not only did Saul and I meet and photograph a wonderful new model on Thursday, but Saturday we FINALLY met Henry Bae from Solestruck with a classic Brunch Club welcome at the Alibi Room followed by a tour of downtown Vancouver. Later that night we went out for by Spencer's birthday party at The Biltmore which naturally led to White Spot the next morning with Reema. Post recovering from a food coma, Saul and I met back up with Henry and Melody Tan for drinks at Chill Winston in Gastown and then Souvlaki dinner at Stephos on Davie. These photos are the regular post-brunch outfit photos but enjoy anyways! Also, there's a fun little question at the end :)


July 01, 2014

OUTFIT/ Seven Layered Dip

(click photo above to view in Lookbook)

Hat - American Apparel | Cropped Neoprene Bomber - T by Alexander Wang 
Long Mesh - Topman | Skirt - Topshop | Tights - H&M | Shoes - Vans (Little Burgundy)
Leather Lunch Bag - DIY by Me!

I love seven layered dip. I love the layers of yummy salsa, guac, sour cream, mashed beans, and whatever other goodness is thrown into the mix. It's not a party until someone brings seven layer dip. The only relevance between the title and this outfit is that you can see the layers in both things, and I like layers, so (obviously) in my mind the two went well together. 


Make sure you stick around for the attempted jumping photos, I look awful, it's great.


June 29, 2014


Hey everyone, great news this week!

Two of our editorials were published online in two different online magazines this past Thursday - One in Sicky Magazine and the other in ION Magazine!

Here are the previews, click them to view the editorials on their respective websites.


Photography & Styling: Marchel B. Eang
Co-Stying & Lighting: Saul Alviar
Model: William De Courcy at Family Management
Editing & Layout: ION Magazine
Special Thanks to Pablo, MJ & Joan at El Kartel


Photography & Styling: Marchel B. Eang
Co-Stying & Lighting: Saul Alviar
Art & Set Design: Julia Majer & Melanie Jane 
Models: Nick Avender & Riley Weston @ Wilhelmina Vancouver

Until next time,

June 27, 2014

BRUNCH CLUB/ Hip Hip Hooray!

I hate starting posts with apologies, but I apologize for not posting more! There have been so many things going on and I've been taking the lazy way by taking photos and saying I'll post them later. We all know that doesn't work so I don't know why I thought it would. Starting today I'm going to make more of an effort to update at least once/twice a week. I thiiiink I found a new way of editing that's less time consuming so hopefully that helps reduce the pre-post process. Let me know if you like it or not! :)

Alibi Room is our home base, you would think we were on a first name basis with the servers but surprisingly we're not yet :( Maybe this week…? Now that I mention it I feel bad for not knowing their names. I'd have taken their photos by now but I feel like thats kind of awkward, but then again, not as awkward as trying to avoid admitting that we went to a different place for brunch. 


June 19, 2014

LCM SS15/ Day 3 Quik + Dirty

One of the best parts about LCM for me is learning about the ideas behind collections and seeing how the (usually fresh) designers follow through with their concepts. Only thing is that after reading so many LCM articles and reviews by some people who definitely, at the least, took a fashion writing course, I always end up realizing how uneducated and ignorant I sound - awkwardly and embarrassingly lumping me into the category of people who word vomit about collections at face value.   

That being said, I wish I had more time to research more or even just move to London to experience it all. In good time, in good time. As for now, and for future highlights, I'm just going to keep it simple.

Until then, see the highlights of LC:M Day 3 After the jump!