February 27, 2015

OUTFIT/ Oh My Gosha

For those of you who haven't yet heard of Gosha Rubchinskiy, definitely give him a Google. He's a fresh Russian artist and designer whose work deals a lot with Russian youth culture and how it's changed after Berlin Wall fell - Definitely look him up!

(click image above to view on Lookbook)

Hat - Gosha Rubchinskiy (Opening Ceremony) | T-Shirt and Socks - American Apparel
Bomber Jacket - Topshop | Pants - Margiela | Shoes - Sandro

I don't know why blogger uploads these photos with a sepia-tinge, they're supposed to be more blue :/

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February 26, 2015

TESTING/ Patrick

Shot Patrick a while back and finally got around to editing and posting them! So sorry for the wait on this one! Don't miss out on the three photos after the jump too! 

Model - Patrick from Family Management
Grooming - Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick
Photography - Marchel B. Eang

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February 23, 2015

OUTFIT/ Orange Crush

Hat - American Apparel | Shirt - Board of Trade | Overcoat - Topman
Jeans - Naked & Famous Denim | Sneakers - Raf Simons x Adidas

This post is gonna be short sweet and simple. I just really wanted an outfit photo on the huge pile of dirt up across the street. The home owners are in the process of knocking down and rebuilding their house and in the meantime the huge tarped up pile of dirt is just sitting there. Obviously that means a photo-op right?

This outfit is a lot more on the simple side but I'm taking this post as a bit of an experiment to see what posting a "simple" outfit on Lookbook will do. I'm curious to to compare the response of this outfit post to one of the posts where I'm a bit more layered up or where I'm not wearing your typical "menswear" pieces whatever that means ;) 

I have to thank Saul once again for these shoes. Wouldn't have them without him <3 It's kind of strange though because since Christmas I haven't formally posted an outfit photo of them yet - How totally rude of me. Better late than never though!

Outtakes below:

Until next time,

February 14, 2015


Had a great time with Saul shooting our friend James! Take a look below, and more photos after the jump!

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February 13, 2015

NEW EDITORIAL/ Change of State

New online editorial exclusively for Vulkan Magazine is now live on their site!

Here are some previews! :)

Model: Virginia @ Lizbell Agency
Art Direction: Saul Alviar
Styling/Photography: Marchel B. Eang

Featuring pieces by Alex S. Yu, Evan Clayton, Sandro, OUIBONJOUR, and Laurence & Chico!

See the FULL editorial on Vulkan Magazine's Website! 

Until next time,

February 07, 2015

OUTFIT/ Craig Green x Champion

I've been bad and not keeping up with this blog, so to anyone still following, I apologize and I'm going to try and get my shit back together cause it's kind of fallen apart amidst a pile of photoshoots and brunches and just being plain lazy. If you haven't already, make sure to follow my instagram @marchelcreative because I'm way more up to date on there.

Anyways since the last post, my appreciation for Craig Green has grown ten-fold and I'm so happy to have been able to get my dirty little paws on something of his this season! I'm saving up for a real pair of his pants still but in the mean time this collaboration set with Champion is satisfying my craving. Also on the plus size, I can basically wear pyjamas to work and look great without worry of damaging something expensive. Win win win!

A little background on the whole thing: Champion threw together a 3-part collaboration with Craig Green, Wood Wood, and Timo Weiland, sold exclusively at Urban Outfitters. Enough blab though, here are the photos ;)

Leather Bucket Hat - Sandro | Top and Shorts - Craig Green x Champion | Shoes - Acne Studios 

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I'm also going to get back on posting brunch photos regularly! So yay for posting more often!

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December 06, 2014


Had a fun time shooting Justice after we met him through Clara Martin's SS15 show at Vancouver Fashion Week. He's unsigned in Vancouver but used to have an agency when he was in Korea for a time :) Enjoy!

Photography: Marchel Eang
Styling: Saul Alviar
Model: Justice

Featuring pieces by Acne Studios, Complex Geometries, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Issey Miyake, and more.


December 02, 2014

OUTFIT/ Just Can't Do Without You

(click photo above to view on lookbook.nu)

Hat - American Apparel | Turtleneck - Kit + Ace | Sweater - Boutique by Topshop
Overcoat - Topman Premium | Leather Pants - Vintage | Shoes - Prada

Hope you all don't mind me re-posting my brunch outfits but now that we've started taking individual photos but I figured I might as well because I don't seem to have time to take photos of any other outfits anymore. By the time I get home from work the sun's already setting and I'm usually not willing to deal with the cold by myself.

It's starting to get really really cold out, OKAY, not that cold, like -4C but on my phone it says "feels like -11C" which it really does feel like at times. I know I've raved about this coat a lot but seriously its my new favourite. Definite favourite things are the drop shoulder, the double breast, and the oversized lapels and pockets.

There was some really beautiful blue salt on the roof of the parkade, it reminded me of those steaming hot-springs on National Geo, minus the steam and the full hot-spring experience. Had to be careful treading in it though, as I'm sure you all know salt is the easiest-to-get-on but most damaging thing for your shoes in the winter.  

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November 30, 2014

BRUNCH CLUB/ Saul's Birthday and Welcome Back Kelsey!


I also apologize for the weird orange tinge everything seems to have…? Whenever I upload jpegs from my computer blogger seems to change the colour of the photos. If anyone knows why this is happening please tell me :( 

Issey Miyake Mens T-Shirt I got Saul :) It's amazing because the chain link pattern you see has actually been pleated into the tee.

Kendall Jenner watch out.

SRSLY. Look at that pleating.

silkway travel is the only way to travel

oh sorry gotta dash before the pap finds me

"I'm going for trend-white-girl today"
"Spencer, you go for trend-white-girl every day"

This is Tam taking a serious outfit photo

Well we got one so thats all that matters right? 

I digress though, not to say the others are "bad" but you get what I'm saying


My Acne Adrianas :) 

Girl if you wanted in you could have just asked

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